Emilio Bogantes

A passionate about technology, business, travel and cooking. Always looking for interesting and challenging opportunities that force me to put my experience and skills to use.

I have worked in web development for over 10 years. From basic web development, content management, server management, Front-End / Back-End development, software architecture, DevOps to technical leadership of development teams.

I'm a visionary and I love challenges. My goal is to become not only a CTO, but the best.

What I Do

Back End Development

Get hands dirty on fetching, transforming and serving data. I have experience developing websites, web services, micro-services and integrating content management systems with trending technologies like Laravel, Node.js, TypeScript and NoSQL databases.

Front End Development

Obtain data from APIs and other sources, then show it to the final user in a proper way complying with UX/UI rules. I've developed websites and web applications with leading frameworks as React.js, Next.js and Gatsby.


Define practices to automate the processes between software development and IT teams in order to be efficient and effective on a product deployment. I have worked integrating different tools like: Jenkins, Circle CI, DeployBot, Bitbucket, GitHub, JIRA, Slack and many more.

Planning & Estimation

Build the development plan, design the software architecture, tasks breakdown, timing estimation and work assignment. I've been in touch with several tools and methodologies for project management like: JIRA, Monday, SCRUM, Microsoft Project and others.



+10 Years of Experience


2010 - 2015
Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica

Bachelor's degree, Information Systems Engineering

2010 - 2013
Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica

Graduate Diploma, Software Development

Universidad de Costa Rica

Business Administration Fundamentals


Mar 2022 - present
Soom, Inc

Director of Engineering

- Work with product, customer success, R&D, and sales teams to rapidly prototype new
solutions and create plans to scale those solutions to customers and partners.
- Architect and lead the development of new features in our SaaS platform, with a focus on
reusable, modular systems, scalable data processing, and graph algorithms.
- Develop infrastructure-as-code and maintain serverless cloud infrastructure.
- Lead development of products and features, including managing other team
members and communicating goals, deliverables, deadlines, metrics, and KPIs.
- Write clean, documented, maintainable code.
- Peer review code for adherence to Soom code quality standards and best practices
- Help maintain client SaaS deployments
- Deliberate with management, production, and marketing staff on the possible
requirements and procedures for a project.
- Organize and manage projects, making detailed plans that work towards the fulfillment of
a set objective.
- Examine technology, organizational resources, and the demands of the market in order to
plan or give procedures for projects which are practicable or possible.
- Direct, evaluate, and confirm product design and changes.
- Recruit, assign, direct, and evaluate employees, contracted engineers, and resources.
- Set scientific and technical goals with the aid of management.
- Consult or negotiate with clients to make arrangements for resources required for a project.
- Setup schemes or designs, and also elaborate reports and results to clients.
- Develop and implement policies, standards, and procedures for the engineering and
technical work performed in the organization.
- Supervise the development and maintenance of staff abilities and suitability in the
- Direct the negotiation of research contracts and also prepare the company’s budget, bids,
and contracts.
- Perform administrative functions such as evaluating and writing reports, and approving
expenditures concerning projects.

Jun 2021 - Mar 2022
Edify Software Consulting

Software Architect

  • Support Technical Leads on design patterns, third-party integration and code reviews.
  • Lead the software architecture for multiple projects.
  • Turn new business requirements into a software solution.
  • Document all technical processes.
  • Hands-on coding and infrastructure.
Jan 2014 - present
Freelance Web Development

Freelance Software Engineer | Consultant

  • Advise regarding software architecture.
  • Web development: PHP, Node.js, React.js, Next.js,
  • WordPress, Gatsby and others.
  • Database design, modeling and administration: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • CI/CD.
May 2019 - Jun 2021
Hangar Worldwide

Technology Lead

  • Help improve our code quality through performing code reviews where applicable.
  • Build new websites and other digital products.
  • Oversee deployment of digital products.
  • Stays current with front end and back end platforms and technologies.
  • Architect new responsive and interactive websites and experiences
  • Manage developers to integrate, debug and deploy production ready code.
  • Accurately estimate hours and project time needs.
  • Clearly communicate project status to senior leadership and clients (technical or business)
  • Work closely with Product Owners to understand end-user requirements and translate them into effective technical solutions.
  • Provide guidance and supervision to the project team.
May 2018 - May 2019
Hangar Worldwide

Senior Back End Developer

  • Architect, design and develop the back-end architecture, service tier and data tier components for applications.
  • Build robust solutions on the back-end side and understand how to support and maintain them once they're live.
  • Provide accurate time estimates for new projects or features.
  • Create technical docs for projects.
  • Defend the technical architecture of the projects.
  • Perform code reviews and propose solutions.
  • Work closely with other teams like Front-end,
  • Mobile, Design, UX, QA and other internal and external Tech teams to ensure solutions and products meet client expectations.
  • Learn and apply new technologies and determine their advantages and drawbacks.
Jun 2017 - May 2018
Hangar Worldwide

Intermediate Back End Developer

  • RESTful APIs development.
  • Third parties integration.
  • Linux server configuration via SSH.
  • Github repository management.
  • Deployments management with Jenkins.
  • Amazon Web Services configuration.
  • Back End Oversight
  • Projects estimation.
Jul 2014 - Jun 2017
Baum Digital

Web Developer

  • Developing and integration of the CMS.
  • Design, modeling and optimization of databases.
  • Full Stack development.
  • Third party integrations.
  • Development of e-commerce solutions.
Feb 2011 - Dec 2011
SEPUNA - Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica

IT Student Assistant / Jr. Information Systems Engineer

  • Linux server management.
  • Website management.
  • Basic web programming.
  • Technical support.

Industry Knowledge

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


Software Architecture


Strategic Planning


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Agile Methodologies


Web Services


Tools & Technologies







MySQL / MariaDB








Interpersonal Skills

Team Leadership






Easily Adaptable


Active Listening


Emotional Intelligence





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